SK6950tv treadmill



















  • Dužina: 233cm
  • Širina: 87cm
  • Visina: 140 cm
  • Motor: 5.0 HP
  • Belt size: 160cm  x  55cm
  • Brzina: 0,8-25kph
  • Nagib: 0% to 15%
  • Valjci: 8 x 59cm
  • Težina: 215Kg
  • Max. težina korisnika: 195Kg
  • Potrošnja: 3300 / 3650 watts mod. G695 TV


SK6950tv treadmill (G695tv)



  • TFT touch screen. Optimum sight, very easy reading and comprehension interface
  • Electronic monitor equipped with two outlets.
  • Aluminium side sections and non-slip rubber footrests
  • Wrap-around, easy-grip padded handrail for added safety



Aluminium and sturdy oval section steel tube ST52


Painted ABS plastic using automobile technology


High density, perfectly finished polyurethane

Absorber system

Pro Tronic technology for maximum back and joint protection


Chrome plated with convex technology keeping the belt well-balanced


Quiet, reliable 5.0 HP AC motor

Speed sensor

Magnetic sensor guarantees problem-free exercise.


5 kg balanced flywheel with two fans to cool down the motor

Speed controller

Digitally controlled instrument that controls more than 100 parameters.


For transportation

Elevation System

Powerful inclination system for the most intensive training levels.

Constant tension

Self adjusting belt tensioning system



40 different programs, including Fitness Test and HRC Heart Rate Control (for working cardiovascular target areas)

On-screen information

Time, distance, calories and pulse rate

HR Monitoring

Polar heart Rate pulse and Polar telemetric system (optional)

Equipped with TV monitor

Language selection

Free or predeterminated training programs

Personalized entry data for every program

Graphic display during exercise

Total screen TV Option