Profesionalni orbitrek G811 LK8110 crosstrainer

 Profesionalni orbitrek

   Dužina: 197cm

   Širina: 80cm

   Visina: 162 cm

   Težina: 103Kg

   Max. težina korisnika: 150Kg







       Bearings Heavy duty SKF bearings

       Electromagnetic brake system with generator.

       No need for electric mains

       Pulse measurement both by contact pulse and telemetric pulse (chest strap optional)

       Comfort Integrated fan, wheels for transportation

       Frame Robotically welded heavy gauge steel

       On screen information: Time, distance, calories and pulse rate

       Programs Manual, 8 preset profiles with 4 intensity levels each, User Program,

       Test for Men and Women, HRC

                - garancija 24 mj.